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This book symbolizing the emergence of KODA Collective in a sense comprises of 13 photo interviews. In fact, 13 themes of the book consist of photographing events that photographers considering the photograph as a means of expression involved with the instinct of “witnessing” by coincidence and intentionally sometimes. These photograph series produced between the years of 2008-12 have the same concern underlying: to see, to understand, to tell, to be understood. The phenomena gathering KODA photographers was searching for the way to reach this witnessing to wider audience with common sense and effort. While this work agrees with the assertion that the photograph arises from the difference between looking and seeing, it also tells new things for itself, the photographer does not only witness he also feels himself responsible and tries to change. KODA’s purpose is to host for a collective work method in photograph field. Though its collective photographers have difference expression languages, they bear being witness of their age on base. In this sense, this language occurring will open for transformation and change. KODA’s photographers will precede claim that they understand what see, express what understand, by their expressions for human’s common interest in the least.KODA, February 2013. 

240s.14x24cm    İstanbul - 2008   Dizayn//Tasarım Bülent Erkman   ISBN 9789758856022   Agos Publication    

İstanbul - 2008
Dizayn//Tasarım Bülent Erkman
ISBN 9789758856022
Agos Publication 


The book of photographs “We are All Hrant Dink” which is also the International Hrant Dink Foundation’s first activity in this field, is a work that has collected the photographs selected from the thousands of frames shot between 19 – 23 January 2007. The aim of this book is to convey the social reaction that hasemerged following the intense anguish experienced as a result of Hrant Dink’s assassination to the public memory. The book, illustrating how individuals who have internalised cultural diversity regardless of origin or status are able to interlock, was designed by Bülent Erkmen. Hundreds of photojournalists have commit those black, dark days of January 2007 to memory not only of our society but the memory of the whole humanity. Only 135 out of the hundreds and thousands of photographs and film frames are actually in this book. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the conscientious people who have granted permission for their testimonials that will keep alive that intense anguish to be published in this book.

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12 Photos from Istanbul
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You can find “The Calender Istanbul 2010” wall calender, which prepared by the photos of Volkan Dogar ” Black-White Istanbul” project , from 19th of November in Istiklal Kitabevi, Mephisto and Ada Kitabevi.